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Termination of Pregnancy

The Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018 became law in Queensland on 3 December 2018, allowing all Queensland women to seek a termination of pregnancy without fear of committing a criminal offence.

The Act ensures termination of pregnancy is treated as a health issue, rather than a criminal issue.

Most terminations of pregnancy are performed in the private sector and the Gold Coast community has good access to well-established services.

Women seeking a termination of pregnancy should always consult their GP in the first instance.

Women can also self-refer to Marie Stopes any time during their pregnancy for gestations up to 16 weeks.

For gestations over 16 weeks a GP referral to Gold Coast Health is required.

Gold Coast Health prioritises access to terminations for women with complex health care needs and fetal abnormalities through our Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit.

Women experiencing miscarriage will continue to be supported through our Early Pregnancy Assessment and Management Service in the Gold Coast University Hospital Emergency Department.

The health service will provide targeted support to women who may be experiencing significant difficulties accessing a termination.

For more information on the Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018, visit Queensland Health.

Last updated 07 Aug 2023