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Specialist Medical Unit - Stroke Unit

The Speciality Medical Unit provides a cardiac sub-specialty and a local stroke service.

Established within the unit are the facilities to provide cardiac monitoring of 6 hardwired monitors, three mobile monitors and 16 telemetry monitors. Additional, inclusion of within the unit include three bariatric specific rooms and, two negative pressure rooms to care for people with airborne infectious diseases.

SMU also provides nursing support for procedures and diagnostic tests within the Clinical Measurements Unit.

Admission to the unit is most commonly through the Robina MAU. Admissions may also be received from the ICU, other in-patient units and occasionally via the outpatient clinics.

With recent addition of junior Medical support for Neurology teams, Stroke patients are able to be admitted to SMU directly from ED meeting with best practice Stroke models.

Direct community admissions under Neurology are also facilitated. In times of extreme pressure for beds in GCUH, SMU accepts direct transfers from GCUH MAU and Neuro-Cardiology Unit.

Last updated 23 Dec 2016