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Midwifery Group Practice

The Midwifery Group Practice is a free service offered by Gold Coast Health and is located within the Birth Centre at the Gold Coast University Hospital. If you choose the Midwifery Group Practice model, you will be cared for by one midwife throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth and sometimes after birth. This is known as continuity of care.

Your prenatal appointments may be at the hospital, at a community health centre or in your home. All your prenatal appointments will be with your own midwife, where possible. Where it is not possible to be seen by your own midwife, another midwife from the group will see you. This may include when you are in labour.

You will give birth at the Gold Coast University Hospital and you will be supported to go home soon after birth (for a normal birth, your expected hospital stay is 4–6 hours). If any complications arise, you may be admitted to the maternity ward for a longer stay.

Last updated 25 Oct 2017