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Gastrointestinal and General Surgical Inpatient Unit

Gastrointestinal and General Surgical Unit, Pre and post-operative nursing care of elective general surgical patients with a predicted length of stay greater than 24hrs.

  • Provision of ongoing care for serious injuries and surgical emergencies admitted via the Accident and Emergency Department and Intensive Care.
  • Provision of High Acuity Nursing care in absence of beds in the ICU/High Dependency Unit.
  • Management of Gastroenterology patients.The prime function of GI/GE Digestive Health inpatient unit is to provide quality-nursing.

Care to both long and short stay pre and post-operative patients who fit into the following criteria:

  • Colorectal surgical and conditions
  • General surgery
  • Hepatobiliary patients
  • Upper gastrointestinal surgery
  • Trauma surgery and injuries
  • Liver patients
  • IBD patients.

The inpatient unit has 28 beds, 4x 2 bed rooms, 22x single rooms, (1x bariatric capacity). Communal staff rooms eg: Clean utility, dirty utility are located centrally with patient rooms bordering the unit.

Last updated 23 Dec 2016