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Cordyline Residential Recovery Service

The former Extended Rehabilitation Unit has been renamed Cordyline Residential Recovery Service, and is transitioning to a new model of service which is based on the overarching Statewide Community Care Unit (CCU) Model of Service.

The Cordyline service:

  • provides 24 hour mental health care, peer support and therapeutic interventions that are designed for individual rehabilitation and recovery goals
  • develops or maintains daily living skills which enhance independence and increase confidence to function within the community
  • develops ongoing relationships with family/carers, friends and other identified supports
  • helps people to participate in meaningful activities in the community that promote autonomy and a positive sense of self.

A group of self-contained living units surrounding a central courtyard make up Cordyline within the grounds of Robina Hospital.

All units enable independent living with bathrooms, reverse cycle air conditioning, kitchen and laundry facilities, dining and lounge rooms.

Last updated 22 Dec 2016