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Alcohol and Other Drugs Service (AODS)

Gold Coast Health’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Service (AODS) offers a confidential and supportive service for people affected by drug and alcohol issues.

The service provides a range of interventions that help to support the decision to reduce or cease substance use.

Your multidisciplinary healthcare team consists of medical officers, clinical nurse consultants, registered and clinical nurses, educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, peer workers and administration officers.

Referrals and appointments


Anyone concerned about a drug and alcohol issue can contact the Alcohol and Other Drugs Service for information and referral options, as well as to discuss arranging a confidential assessment.

Clients may also be referred to our services through family and friends, community services, medical professionals, emergency workers or corrective services.


Information on appointment times and how to arrange an assessment can be provided by contacting your closest service on (07) 5687 9119 (Southport Health Precinct) or (07) 5525 5701 (Palm Beach Community Health Centre). All appointments are free (for Medicare card holders) and confidential.

Working with you

Gold Coast Health AODS strives to work with you and those who support you. We know the significant impact that AOD related stigma and discrimination can have on people accessing, engaging, and staying in treatment. Alongside our values as the Gold Coast Health Service, we strive to approach your care non-judgmentally, person-centered, and recovery focused.


Hospital consultation and liaison team

The AODS hospital consultation and liaison team provides screening, assessment, intervention and specialist advice on drug and alcohol issues for patients at the Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Hospital.

Assessment and referral

Our team can conduct a comprehensive assessment of each patient’s drug and alcohol issues to ensure we provide the best possible treatment and care for an individual’s personal circumstances. This assessment will ensure that patients are referred to the services most suited to their needs.

Counselling and support

Counselling is a key part of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. We use a range of evidence-based counselling techniques and therapeutic approaches to help with drug and alcohol issues, tailored to suit personal circumstances.

Medical Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD)

Medical Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD) is a medical treatment that involves replacing an illegal opioid, —such as heroin or illegal use of prescription opioids — with a longer acting but less euphoric opioid.  Methadone or Buprenorphine are typically used and will be given under supervision.

Community-Based Alcohol Withdrawal

Gold Coast Health AODS community clinics offers a community-based alcohol withdrawal program for consumers who are identified as low risk. This is an outpatient service that assists consumers who are struggling with their alcohol use to safely withdraw from alcohol while remaining in the community. 

An assessment is completed with an AODS clinician in person prior to being able to complete a community-based alcohol withdrawal (this is to ensure that we can safely support you to withdraw from alcohol as an outpatient). 


Community programs

We deliver a range of programs that help increase understanding of alcohol and drug-related difficulties and provide information on the treatment and service options available

Peer support worker program

Our peer workers provide consumers and carers with education, information, referrals, and support from a lived experience perspective. 

By sharing their own lived experience feelings of shame are reduced which promotes recovery and connection. Consumers and carers can self-refer, or ask an AODS staff member to connect to a lived experience team member.

Group programs

We deliver the following range of group programs that support an individual’s decision to reduce or cease substance use.

Back in control program

A six-session group education program for people who currently or have previously experienced a substance use issue. A statement of completion can be provided.

SCRAPBook program (Hard Copy Only)

A six-session self-paced education program for Gold Coast residents who, currently, or have previously experienced a drug or alcohol issue. These self-conducted sessions are suited to low-risk consumers who are unable to attend other group sessions due to work or other relevant concerns. A statement of completion can be provided.

ADAPT program

The ADAPT (Alcohol, Drug, Acceptance, Prevention, Therapy) program is designed for people experiencing both mental health and drug or alcohol issues. The program is facilitated by trained professionals and participants will attend two-hour weekly sessions for eleven weeks. Participants can self-refer and will require an assessment prior to group attendance.

The DARE program

The DARE (Drug, Alcohol, Recovery, Education) program is an ongoing, two-hour group session that promotes health and wellbeing in a supportive environment. DARE is action or maintenance-based and enables recovery through solution-focused education and peer support. 

The SCOT Shared Care program

The SCOT (Shared Care Opioid Treatment) program is the transition of care from a specialist AODS service to the Primary Care Provider – your GP. Individuals identified as no longer requiring intensive care management can be transitioned to the Shared Care Model (PDF).

Shared Care is a model which provides recovery focused care enabling individuals to receive treatment from their primary health care provider and hopes to reduce some of the perceptions of stigma associated around opioid dependency and treatment. Shared Care improves individual autonomy through normalization and recovery orientated approach to Medical Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependence (MATOD).

Helpful contact list

We have collated a list of organisations and support groups offering services and support.

Last updated 27 Sep 2023