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Tugun Satellite Hospital opens Kidney Dialysis Clinic

Ken receiving dialysis at Tugun Satellite Hospital, accompanied by his wife, Gillian.

The Tugun Satellite Hospital – co-named Banyahrmabah – on the southern Gold Coast is expanding its services with the introduction of the Kidney Dialysis Clinic, scheduled to come online on 24 January 2024.  
The new facility’s Nurse Unit Manager Claire Oliver said the new addition aimed to meet the growing demand for kidney dialysis services in the region.   
“Initially, the clinic will offer six treatment chairs, with the capacity to deliver 144 treatments to 48 patients weekly,” said Claire.   
“The clinic is part of the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service's (GCHHS) renal service network, providing support for patients who require dialysis but are unable to dialyse at home.

“Each week, patients receive up to 12-hours of treatment, so being able to access dialysis closer to home will make it easier for patients to manage both their lifestyle and medical condition."

Five months ago, Ken (pictured) suffered a stroke that left him partially blind. Now, he relies on his beautiful wife, Gillian, to drive him to receive kidney dialysis.

The frequent trips took a toll on the Elanora locals, spending hours in the car to access the lifesaving treatment.

Now, the treatment is at their doorstep!

Ken was among the first three patients to sit in a treatment chair at Tugun Satellite Hospital’s Kidney Dialysis Clinic.
In addition to the Kidney Dialysis Clinic, the Tugun Satellite Hospital Women, Newborn, and Children's Clinic opened its doors on 10 January 2024.  
This facility offers a comprehensive range of services, co-locating women's, children's, and family-focused healthcare in a welcoming environment.  
The Women, Newborn, and Children's Clinic can accommodate about 250 outpatient appointments per week. The Midwifery service includes Your Midwives Tugun, Midwifery Group Practice, Midwifery Navigators and Waijungbah Jarjums. Child Health services will open in March. 
Pharmacy Services at Tugun Satellite Hospital will also open on weekdays from 24 January, providing dispensing services to patients within the facility and to patients managed by Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) and Robina Hospital specialist outpatient services. 

Allied Health Outpatient services will open on 21 February 2024 and include Speech Pathology, Podiatry, Social Work, Psychology, Neuro Psychology and Physiotherapy. 

Access to these outpatient services will be through the usual referral process to Gold Coast Health.
These developments are in addition to the hospital’s Minor Injury Illness Clinic, which opened its doors on 15 November 2023.  
Free to Medicare cardholders, the clinic provides walk-in, non-life-threatening urgent care and includes x-ray services.  
Patients should be aware that in life-threatening health care emergencies, they should always dial Triple Zero (000) or visit the nearest emergency department. 
Tugun Satellite Hospital represents a significant step in enhancing health care accessibility and services on the Gold Coast, addressing the diverse medical needs of the local community.  

Last updated 25 Jan 2024