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Nurse-led initiative increases speed of care commencement in Emergency Department

Gold Coast University Hospital ED nurses Ellie Potts and Nash Haimona.

Leadership is an essential aspect to emergency care, and emergency nurses such as Ellie showcase the impact it can make.

Ellie Potts (pictured left) is part of a clinician-led project at the Gold Coast University Hospital Emergency Department that has helped drive and improve the speed in which patient care is commenced across our department.

The project, focusing on our large ambulatory patient cohort, has reshaped the ambulatory model of care to dedicate specialist emergency nurses to commence nurse-led care initiatives as soon as possible after arrival.

Ellie said the “huge initiative” has ensured patients are able to access care more quickly.

“It has ensured that we as emergency nurses are assisting our medical colleagues to obtain the assessment information they need to make decisions as quickly as possible. The patient can then receive the treatment they require, be sent to specialist teams, be discharged, or referred to community services in far shorter timeframe.”

“This focus means our patients spend less time in the ED. Being clinician-led means we all feel we are making a big difference to the patient journey. For many of our nursing staff this has energised their desire to innovate and explore new ways to provide care.”

Originally from Victoria, Ellie has been a nurse for eight years and at Gold Coast University Hospital for three. She said she loves the fast pace and excitement, the teamwork and the constant learning opportunities in the ED.

“It’s a special part to play in the patient journey, because no one plans to come to the ED – it can often be a very difficult day for a person – we are here for people in those moments to ensure they are provided the care they need.”

We have shared this story to mark Emergency Nurses Day, held each year on the second Wednesday of October (11 October in 2023) as part of Emergency Nurses Week (8-14 October 2023).

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Last updated 11 Oct 2023