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International Cardiologists headline NoVa 2024

Dr Atta Behfar is a Cardiologist from the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and we’re thrilled that he is bringing his expertise to NoVa 2024.

Dr Behfar joins an impressive lineup of international speakers whose specialist expertise will leave our conference attendees with a wealth of knowledge and useful applications for cardiac care solutions.

The laboratory of Atta Behfar uses state-of-the-art technologies developed at the Mayo Clinic to understand heart disease at its most elemental level. With this understanding, Dr Behfar and his colleagues are doing cardiovascular regeneration research with the aim of developing novel therapies to prevent and cure chronic heart conditions.

During his keynote session, Dr Befar will be sharing the Mayo Clinic’s experience with deployment of percutaneous and ambulatory mechanical support for patients as a bridge to heart transplantation, left ventricular assist device implant and recovery.

“By the end of the presentation I hope that attendees will have familiarity with the diversity of different percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support Device options available, how to best utilise them in different scenarios and how to trouble shoot to optimise support for patients”, he said.

As a specialist in his field, we asked Dr Befar what he thought as the most significant development in cardiology in recent years.

“The most significant advancement is the miniaturization and deployment of percutaneous solutions that just a few years ago were only conceivable as surgical options. These innovations span from transcatheter aortic valve replacement and mitral valve solutions to percutaneously placed mechanical circulatory support devices.” Dr Befar said.

Dr Befar added that the most challenging aspect of such advances is further miniaturization to minimize vascular injury risk.

“This will be particularly important in the Mechanical Circulatory Support Device space, as these patients have these devices in place for a long period of time”.

With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, we asked Dr Befar what advice he would give to those starting out in the field of medicine.

“Fortunately, I have had wonderful mentors that have guided me very well. My biggest advice is to identify excellent mentors early on in your career and really learn from their experience and guidance.” He said.

Don’t miss Dr Atta Behfar and his expert advice at the 2024 NoVa cardiology conference. Find out more or secure your seat. Places are limited.

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Last updated 09 Apr 2024