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FEISTY II: Blood clot treatments for patients with severe bleeding compared in new phase of clinical trial

Dr James Winearls is the Co-Chief Investigator overseeing FEISTY II at Gold Coast University Hospital.

The Fibrinogen Early In Severe Trauma Study II, known as FEISTY II has begun at Gold Coast Health.

FEISTY II represents a vital step forward in the quest for improved trauma care and builds on the success of FEISTY I. The study has garnered international attention for its efforts to optimise use of blood products in severely bleeding trauma patients.

Severe trauma, often stemming from accidents or injuries, poses a significant challenge to healthcare professionals worldwide; rapid and effective intervention can be the difference between life and death for patients who experience traumatic injuries. The FEISTY II study aims to optimise trauma management by focusing on fibrinogen replacement in severely injured trauma patients.

Fibrinogen, a crucial protein involved in blood clot formation, plays a pivotal role in a patient's ability to control bleeding after a traumatic incident. The FEISTY II study seeks to determine the optimal method of fibrinogen treatment, comparing cryoprecipitate (Cryo) with fibrinogen concentrate (FC).

The phase III randomised trial will enrol 850 patients from Australian and New Zealand major trauma centres, with a primary patient outcome of days alive out of hospital at day 90 after injury. Severely injured trauma patients who require blood transfusion and have evidence of low fibrinogen levels will be randomised to receive either FC or Cryo.

Dr James Winearls is the Co-Chief Investigator overseeing FEISTY II at Gold Coast University Hospital.

"Our goal is to establish evidence-based guidelines for fibrinogen administration in trauma patients. By doing so, we hope to improve outcomes and reduce complications associated with severe bleeding, which is often a major concern in trauma cases," Dr Winearls said.

The FEISTY II study is a collaborative effort, involving a diverse team of medical professionals, researchers and dedicated support staff from across Australia.
For more information about the FEISTY II study and updates on its progress, please visit the official website: FEISTY Study - Clinical Trial - Fibrinogen Early In Severe Trauma Study

Last updated 27 Nov 2023