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23-Hour Ward Celebrates A Year of Success

23-Hour Ward Associate Nurse Unit Manager Corina Gallagher

Short-stay elective surgery patients are receiving quality care as Gold Coast Health adds Robina Hospital’s 23-Hour Ward permanently to its services.
The overnight unit has cared for more than 1330 patients in its first year of operation, using a model of care that’s been adapted to meet community needs.
Associate Nurse Unit Manager Corina Gallagher said this was achieved through caring for a mix of pre and post-operative elective surgery patients, as well as emergency patients.
“The revised model of care is highly adaptive so we can take patients for a night before transferring them to longer stay units,” Corina said. 
“Most of our 18 staff have been with us since we first opened, so we have all contributed to building the ward together.
“As our population continues to grow, we are busier than ever, and it's always nice to feel that you've done a good job.
“Most of the team has a surgical background, so we have the expertise to dedicate quality time to educating our workforce.”
The ward has been training contract nurses, helping them transition from vaccination clinics, and they recently also welcomed their first new graduate nurse, Asha Mason.
“I have been working on the ward since February and the supportive team environment has made all the difference in growing my confidence and skills,” Asha said. 
“As a mature-age nurse, I have really appreciated the time invested in my development. They teach us a whole lot of things at school but it's very different on the wards.”
General Surgery and Gastroenterology Services Nursing Director Colin Dawson agrees, saying the model of service is second to none.  
“This achievement is a testament to the staff that have established this service, many of whom have contributed to its success, since opening its doors a year ago.”

Last updated 24 Jun 2022