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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors to this website should be aware that content material may contain images, voices and names of those who have passed.

Yanbalehla garulbu nga wulalehla
“walking together in kindness”

Artwork by Riki Salam, We Are 27 Creative

The artwork illustrates the vibrancy and beauty of Country and First Nations culture throughout the Gold Coast. It seeks to reflect our always care philosophy, and a collective journey toward First Nations Health Equity. View Ricki's artwork story video. 

At the heart of the artwork, the central design represents a ‘meeting place’, a respectful, safe and shared space in which we can learn and share knowledge, build mutual understanding, foster long-lasting relationships, and listen deeply. This centres around our patients and the care they receive.

Gold Coast Health six core values are depicted as motifs which shroud the meeting place, reflecting their constant influence upon the decisions and actions taken by Gold Coast Health and its employees.

Depicted as the sun, a navigating light symbol, are the ancestors who are guiding the community into a safe space and safe place to receive high quality services, care and programs. These ancestors provide strength, inspiration and courage to current and future generations of the Gold Coast.

Connecting our values to Country are the rivers which continue to flow and carry knowledges and practices of bush medicine and healing. The fish, a seasonal food source, prompt our sustainability commitment and tie us to the stories embedded within this Country and community.