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Child Development Service

Our service is a community-based, multidisciplinary service that specialises in the assessment and ongoing support for children and young people with developmental and behavioural concerns.

The team consists of Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Neuropsychologists, Dietitians, Nurse Navigators, Occupational Therapists, Paediatricians, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and Social Workers.

Depending on your young person’s level of need, they may be seen by one or more clinicians as part of their individualised care. Where possible, our service works in an interdisciplinary model, which means regardless of the individual training of our staff, all clinicians can provide a range of developmental health services.

Our services aim is to provide you with an understanding of your young person’s strengths and challenges as well as assist you in accessing therapy support available in our community.

Please note, we offer time-limited intervention/therapy to a small cohort of clients, depending on eligibility.

Last updated 17 Mar 2023