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Human Research Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service HREC, in accordance with the National Statement, is to ensure that all human research is conducted in an ethical manner.  The HREC may obtain expert opinion to provide research protocol scientific/technical assessment, research study evaluation, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The HREC responsibility scope is set out in the Terms of Reference.


The committee composition as per section 5.1.30 of the National Statement, the membership of the HREC includes:

(a) a chairperson, with suitable experience, whose other responsibilities will not impair the HREC’s capacity to carry out its obligations under this National Statement

(b) at least two lay people, one man and one woman, who have no affiliation with the institution and do not currently engage in medical, scientific, legal or academic work

(c) at least one person with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people; for example, a nurse or allied health professional

(d) at least one person who performs a pastoral care role in a community, for example, an Aboriginal elder, a minister of religion

(e) at least one lawyer, where possible one who is not engaged to advise the institution

(f) at least two people with current research experience that is relevant to research proposals to be considered at the meetings they attend. These two members may be selected, according to need, from an established pool of inducted members with relevant expertise.

Meeting dates

Meeting Dates

The Gold Coast Hospital and Health HREC meets at 5pm, once a month on the last Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise indicated)

Details for dates in the right hand column.

Do you have any queries or complaints about the HREC?

Access the research feedback and complaints page if you have any queries or concerns about the HREC reviewal process.

Last updated 20 Jul 2022