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Urgent Advice

For urgent advice in times of mental health crisis, please call 1300 MH CALL (1300 64 22 55). The confidential telephone triage service provides the first point of contact to public mental health services 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Useful Management Information

  • This service assists families of children aged up to 25 years with complex conditions to navigate mental health services.
  • Support is aimed at educating and empowering families to be actively involved in their child’s care and treatment utilising the four pillars of nurse navigation: Coordination of Care, Creating Partnerships, Improving Patient Outcomes, and Facilitating System Improvement.

Clinician and family resource:

Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMHS) at Gold Coast Health

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  • This service is for children and adolescents with complex mental health needs aged up to 25 years and already under the care of Child & Youth Mental Health Service.

Associated Services

Out of Scope Services

The following conditions are out of scope for this service:

  • Adults over the age of 25 years
  • Residing outside of the Gold Coast catchment area
  • Family court assessments or intervention
  • Second opinion psychiatric assessments
  • Assessment or treatment of primary development disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual impairment, Pervasive Developmental Disorders etc)
  • Any child/young person who is acutely unwell and requiring emergency healthcare should present to the Emergency Department.

Out of Catchment

Gold Coast Health is responsible for providing public health services to the people who reside within its boundaries. Special consideration is made for patients requiring tertiary services or for services that are not provided by their local hospital and health service district. If your patient lives outside the Gold Coast Health catchment area and you wish to refer them to one of our services, please indicate relevant medical or social information that will assist with the processing of your referral.


Please note that where appropriate and where available, the referral may be streamed to an associated public allied health and/or nursing service. Access to some specific services may include initial assessment and management by associated allied health and/or nursing, which may either facilitate or negate the need to see the public medical specialist.

  • A change in patient circumstance (such as condition deteriorating or becoming pregnant) may affect the urgency categorisation and should be communicated as soon as possible.
  • Please indicate in the referral if the patient is unable to access mandatory tests or investigations as they incur a cost or are unavailable locally.
  • If your patient consents to telehealth, please indicate in the body of the referral.
Last updated 7 November 2022

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If you would like to send a named referral, please address it to the specialist listed above, who will allocate a suitably qualified specialist to see the patient. Alternatively, you can view a full list of our specialists.

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