Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)
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Urgent Advice

  • Patients will be prioritised according to the degree of urgency as determined by triage.

Essential Referral Information

Although this list is not exhaustive:

  • All previous USS’s this pregnancy
  • Relevant pathology related to referral for example blood group for
  • procedures
  • For presence of antibody’s - antibody screens with antibody titres and phenotype - maternal and paternal
  • TORCH screens for maternal infections

Are you referring to the right service?

  • This service accepts referrals for acute review of non-life-threatening medical and pregnancy related conditions at gestations equal to or above 10 weeks and post-natal women up to 6 weeks
  • For general antenatal care, please refer to Antenatal and Maternity Services
  • For complications after medical or surgical termination of pregnancy, please refer to Gynaecology
  • Pregnancy complications below 16 weeks should be referred to the Emergency Department and Early Pregnancy Assessment and Management Centre .
  • The list below contains some examples of conditions you can refer but is not exhaustive:

Referral to MFM from Combined First Trimester Screen
Referral to Maternal Fetal Medicine from the combined first trimester screen
a. any abnormal or high-risk result.
b. Nuchal Translucency measurement of ≥3mm
c. PappA <0.2MoMs
d. BhCG >5.0 MoMs

Referral can be made directly to MFM by the GP. The list below contains some examples but is not exhaustive:

First Trimester Referral for Women who:

  • Requires procedural diagnosis: Parental carrier of genetic disease for prenatal diagnosis
  • High Risk CFTS or NIPT
  • Has nuchal translucency measurement of greater than 3.0mm
  • Has abnormal fetal morphology at nuchal ultrasound
  • Has higher order multiple pregnancy e.g., triplet pregnancy
  • Has previous history of cervical incompetence for CFTS and ongoing cervical surveillance
  • Has history of early onset pre-eclampsia / IUGR

Second Trimester Referral for Women who:

  • Has an abnormal fetal morphology ultrasound
  • Request amniocentesis
  • Has monochorionic twins or a complicated twin pregnancy
  • Has early onset Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)
  • Need placental assessment on background of previous uterine surgery with anterior placenta
  • Have suspected vasa praevia – contralateral succenturiate lobe
  • Has shortened cervix on morphology scan

Third Trimester Referral for Women who

  • Concerns re: growth restriction or SGA <10%, abnormal Dopplers
  • Has a fetus with structural anomalies
  • Requires an invasive procedure such as amnioreduction

Any trimester

  • Maternal infection (including TORCH, Parvovirus B19, syphilis, chickenpox, HIV)
  • Has red cell antibodies with risk of HDFN

Maternal Active medical disease/with complications. The list below contains some examples but is not exhaustive:

  • Rheumatological conditions (e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus, antiphospholipid syndrome)
  • Chronic renal disease, renal impairment (Creatinine >130)
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Intrahepatic cholestasis with bile acid >40 Haematological diseases (e.g. active idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) requiring treatment, thalassemia major)
  • Complicated Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Respiratory conditions (e.g. severe restrictive lung disease)
  • Cardiac conditions (e.g. significant congenital heart disease, mitral stenosis, coarctation of aorta, ischaemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy)
  • Neurological conditions
  • HIV
  • Malignancy complicating pregnancy

Out of Scope Services

There are currently no out of scope conditions for this service.

Out of Catchment

Maternal Fetal Medicine Catchment includes Northern NSW across to Casino, Grafton and Coffs Harbour.

Gold Coast Health is responsible for providing public health services to the people who reside within its boundaries. Special consideration is made for patients requiring tertiary services or for services that are not provided by their local hospital and health service district. If your patient lives outside the Gold Coast Health catchment area and you wish to refer them to one of our services, please indicate relevant medical or social information that will assist with the processing of your referral.


Please note that where appropriate and where available, the referral may be streamed to an associated public allied health and/or nursing service. Access to some specific services may include initial assessment and management by associated allied health and/or nursing, which may either facilitate or negate the need to see the public medical specialist.

  • A change in patient circumstance (such as condition deteriorating or becoming pregnant) may affect the urgency categorisation and should be communicated as soon as possible.
  • Please indicate in the referral if the patient is unable to access mandatory tests or investigations as they incur a cost or are unavailable locally.
  • If your patient consents to telehealth, please indicate in the body of the referral.

Patient Must Bring

  • Medicare card
  • Any concession cards (e.g. Pension, Health Care, DVA, PBS Safety Net, ADF, etc.)
  • Current medication list
  • Reading glasses, hearing and mobility aids
Last updated 15 September 2023

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Gold Coast University Hospital

If you would like to send a named referral, please address it to the specialist listed above, who will allocate a suitably qualified specialist to see the patient. Alternatively, you can view a full list of our specialists.

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