A secure file transfer platform for referrals

Smart Referrals is Gold Coast Health's preferred method to send referrals. If your organisation uses Best Practice or Medical Director clinical software, please contact to register.

If your practice is incompatible with Smart Referrals, we recommend using Kiteworks, a secure file transfer platform. Email is not an accepted method of receiving referrals.

Set up Kiteworks

  • Email to request a Kiteworks link for referral purposes as these are not issued automatically.
  • Gold Coast Health will send an email issuing a Kiteworks link specifically allocated for your practice which will appear in your inbox as per the image below. If you don't receive a link within 4 hours, please email advising of this.
  • Your email will appear as per the image below. Click ‘Upload files’ to access the link for your practice via your internet browser. If you are having trouble loading Kiteworks or uploading referrals, try changing to a different browser. Kiteworks user advice will also appear in the comments section.
  • This link will never expire and is specifically allocated to your practice.
  • Add this link to your Favourites for use in the future. Each time you open your internet browser, you will then be able to use the link from your Favourites bar.

Send referrals via Kiteworks

  • Create your referral. Please continue to mark urgent referrals so they can be prioritised.
  • If you have more than one file for the same patient i.e., the main referral and results, please combine/scan files together as one document before you upload them.
  • Please do not upload more than one patient referral at a time.
  • Either click ‘Add Files’ or drag and drop your referral as per the image below.
  • Click ‘Upload’ once your referral is added.
  • Please wait at least 5 minutes between uploading referrals/files for the system to refresh.
  • The pop up below will appear once your referral has been successfully sent. You will not receive a confirmation email when sending referrals via Kiteworks.
  • Your next communication from Gold Coast Health will be in the form of a letter advising of the outcome of your referral.
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