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Useful Management Information

  • Routine termination of pregnancy is not available at Gold Coast Health.
  • Offer referral to other services as appropriate, especially where risk factors are identified (e.g. young women, women with physical or intellectual disabilities, mental illness, rape or sexual assault, domestic violence, fertility issues and cultural beliefs/values).
  • Where a young woman is sixteen years of age or under, greater consideration of an independent and appropriate counsellor/support person being available and engaged should be considered.
  • Consider primary health screening or advice. i.e. Cervical Screening, Sexual Health Check, Rubella titre, domestic and family violence or sexual violence, smoking cessation advice.
  • Counsel about pregnancy options and contraceptive advice.

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Minimum Referral Criteria

Does your patient meet the minimum referral criteria?
Category 1 (appointment within 30 calendar days)

Priority appointments for terminations will be given to women with complex health care needs and no ability to have a termination in the private sector where most terminations are performed.

  • Any patient requesting a termination of pregnancy. For optimum care, an assessment appointment should be offered within 5 days of referral.

NB: Request for termination service 22+1 weeks have additional complexities and should be discussed with the responsible clinician..

Category 2 (appointment within 90 calendar days)
  • No category 2 criteria
Category 3 (appointment within 365 calendar days)
  • No category 3 criteria
  • If the patient does not meet the criteria for referral but the referring practitioner believes the patient requires specialist review, a clinical override may be requested:
    • Please explain why (e.g. warning signs or symptoms, clinical modifiers, uncertain about diagnosis, etc.)
  • Please note that your referral may not be accepted or may be redirected to another service.

Essential Referral Information

  • Summary of relevant circumstances leading to the request for termination of pregnancy
  • Medical, surgical, obstetric and psychosocial history
  • Menstrual history and last menstrual period (LMP) date (if available)
  • Confirm the diagnosis and gestation of intra-uterine live pregnancy by ultrasound

Additional Referral Information

  • BMI
  • Blood group and type
  • Routine antenatal bloods: FBC, rubella antibody, hepatitis B serology, hepatitis C serology, HIV serology, syphilis serology
  • HPV vaccination history
  • STI screen result – endocervical swab or low vaginal SELF SWAB. Also screen for chlamydia +/- gonorrhoea NAA, T vaginalis, M genitalium (highly desirable)
  • STI screen might not be available before referral but is an essential part of the management.
  • History of smoking and alcohol and drug use
  • If pregnancy >11 weeks, Down syndrome screening results – screen at 11 to 14 weeks: fetal ultrasound + serum βhCG + serum PAPP-A (results required if completed, not necessary if thinking of Termination of Pregnancy)
Last updated 12 January 2023

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