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Applying for grants

We provide various grant opportunities that researchers can apply for to help facilitate research.

Internal opportunities

Study, Education and Research Trust Account (SERTA)

Find out more bout the Study, Education and Research Trust Account (SERTA) which provides funding for research, education and professional development activities.

Gold Coast Health Collaborative Research Grants Scheme

The Gold Coast Health Collaborative Research Grants Scheme enables research that can improve the Gold Coast community's health and health care service delivery.

Current Round (2020)

  1. Access the Full Application Guidelines
  2. Research Protocol template
  3. Access the Institutional Letter of Support template
  4. Access the Collaborator Letter of Support template (Optional)
  5. Access the Full Application template (for ease of completion in SmartyGrants)
  6. Access the C.V. Template (Optional)
  7. Access the Budget Example
  8. Access the Budget Template
  9. Access the simple budget guide
  10. Access to the SmartyGrants submission platform

Access additional Gold Coast Hospital Foundation grant opportunities.

Research Trust and Foundation Grants

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is our official charity and registered with the Australian Charities and NFP Commission (ACNC). With an ATO status of 'Public Benevolent Fund' the Foundation can approach and receive funds from trusts, foundations, and grant funders to pass on to Gold Coast Health research teams for health research purposes.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation works with Strategic Grants, a grant seeking specialist, to identify potential grant opportunities and assist with writing applications.

The Office for Research Governance and Development can provide advice about your application's scientific merit prior to requesting funding.

To enquire, please refer to the grants contact on the additional contacts page.

External opportunities

There are several bodies who provide research grant opportunities. For more information on grants' eligibility and availability please visit the organisations' website.

Last updated 30 Jul 2020