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Post-approval amendments, reports, and notifications

After research ethics approval, you are required to perform specific procedures to ensure that research continues to comply with ethical standards.

Completing post-approval requirements

Follow these initial steps to complete any post-approval amendments, reports, or notifications:

  1. Login to the Ethics Review Manager (ERM).
  2. Select Create a Sub-form.
    • In the Create Sub-form page, select Amendments, Reports & Notifications and Create.
  3. Select your report types which are
    • Progress Report for the Annual progress report form
    • Project Final Report / Site Closure Form for the Final progress report form
    • Amendment Request Form for amendments
    • Safety Report - Routine annual report
    • Protocol Deviation / Violation Report.
  4. Complete the form and attach the supporting documents as prompted in ERM.

When do I submit my annual, commencement, and final reporting forms?

During the post-approval stage, you must submit the:

  • Commencement form once you begin your research
    • Please note that you must receive authorisation from Research Governance prior to the research commencing.
  • Annual progress report form on the anniversary of your Ethics approval
  • Final progress report form within six months after completing your study.

These forms can be found on the Health Innovation, Investment and Research Office website.

Refer to the additional contacts page to contact the Research Ethics team or Research Governance team.

The Office for Research Governance and Development (ORGD) also conducts research monitoring to ensure safety and transparency. 

Last updated 16 Jan 2023