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Research ethics

The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) reviews the research/scientific methods, ethical standards, safety, and the welfare of research participants.

Services we provide

The Research Ethics team can:

  • consult with researchers to ensure they understand whether their research is low risk or requires full review
  • provide a point of contact between the HREC and the researcher
  • provide advice on how to navigate the ethics application process.

Ethics approval for research projects

To ensure the project is ethically appropriate, you must submit an ethics application.

Quality activities

If you're planning to submit a manuscript for publication, or present findings to an external audience, researchers may need to obtain ethical endorsement.

Clinical case study endorsement process

To conduct a clinical case study, researchers are required to obtain endorsement from the Gold Coast Health HREC.

Refer to the additional contacts page for ethics assistance.

Post-approval amendments, reports, and notifications

After research ethics approval, you are required to perform specific procedures to ensure that research continues to comply with ethical standards.

Human Research Ethics Committee

Our Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) ensures that all human research is conducted in an ethical manner.

Last updated 11 Jul 2019