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GP access to InteleConnect

Gold Coast Health has implemented a new Medical Imaging Informatics Solution (MIIS).

The new PACS viewing application at Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals has replaced Agfa PACS and is supplied by Intelerad Medical Systems.

It enables GPs to access patients’ medical imaging results through a web-based system as soon as they are available, meaning a quicker turnaround time and faster treatment.

Ultimately, patients will benefit from an improved connection between their community referrer and our Medical Imaging Departments.

View our resources available in the right menu, including our External Access to Radiology Results guide which covers how to:

  • undertake a specific patient search
  • use the ‘breakglass’ feature
  • seek exam status details including image availability and critical results
  • retrieve and view images and reports
What is InteleConnect?

InteleConnect is a zero footprint, lightweight clinical image viewer which provides basic image review functionality through InteleConnect EV.

  • Accessible from virtually any compatible web browser and available 24/7
  • Displays images and reports in an easy-to-use web application
How do I retrieve medical imaging results?

You can access patient images and reports in real-time with InteleConnect

  • Distribution of the final report will be automatic if you are the primary referrer
  • Results will be sent according to your recorded preference (fax or electronic messages to your practice management software inbox)
  • Patients may also request a copy of their Radiology report to be provided to you

Alternatively, Gold Coast Health reports are also available within My Health Record and your result portal such as ‘The Viewer’.

We are continuing to look at opportunities to expand access to private imaging from within our systems.

When can I apply for an account?

If you are interested in using InteleConnect to access Gold Coast Health imaging records:

  • Visit our InteleConnect homepage
  • Bookmark the link for future reference
  • Click ‘Apply for an account’ and complete all fields

Access is independent to other InteleConnect accounts you may have established with private sector providers.

Last updated 30 Apr 2021