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Information for patients living in New South Wales outside of the border zone

There have been changes to border restrictions which will affect the way you receive health care as a New South Wales resident. More information about the border restrictions is available on the Queensland Health website.

Visiting our facilities

While at our facilities for your outpatient appointment, you will be cared for under quarantine guidelines. This means you will be given an isolated room separate from other patients and families in the adult outpatients department. You (and your support person, if you have one) must stay in this room and you will not be able to visit any other areas in the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in New South Wales and I have an upcoming outpatient appointment at a Gold Coast Health facility. Can I still travel to the hospital?

If you have an urgent outpatient appointment you can enter Queensland with a Queensland Border Declaration Pass and your outpatient appointment letter. There are patient visitor restrictions in place throughout our facilities, only one carer or parent is permitted to attend the appointment with you.

We are working to reschedule non-urgent appointments or offer telehealth appointments over phone or videoconference, where possible, and when clinically safe to do so. If there are any changes to your appointment, we will contact you directly.

I live in Northern New South Wales, but need emergency medical treatment. Do I need an exemption?

Anyone can enter Queensland by road, rail or air for emergency healthcare without an exemption, but still have to follow quarantine requirements once you get here. This quarantine may be in the hospital or in government arranged accommodation.

l have complex healthcare needs which are currently being managed in Queensland? How do I get the treatment I need?

You can continue to receive essential healthcare in Queensland if have an ongoing relationship with a healthcare provider in Queensland or you require health care that cannot be provided close to your home. Please contact the Queensland Government's Healthcare Support Service on telephone 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Do I need confirmation of my appointment before travelling to a Gold Coast Health facility from New South Wales?

Yes.  If you have been assessed as needing to visit the hospital for an in-person appointment you will be contacted by a staff member prior to your appointment.

If you have not heard from your treating team 48 hours in advance of your appointment or admission, please contact the numbers listed on your appointment/admission letter to request confirmation.

Do I need to quarantine if travelling to a Gold Coast Health facility for an outpatient appointment?

If you travel to our adult outpatient department for an appointment and return home on the same day, you do not have to enter Government-arranged quarantine accommodation in Queensland. However, while you are at the hospital for you or your child’s appointment, strict quarantine measures will apply.

If you have to stay in Queensland for appointments over consecutive days, you will be required to quarantine in Government-arranged accommodation at your own expense for the duration of your stay.

What do I do when I arrive at the Gold Coast Health facility?
  1. You will receive instructions with your appointment confirmation.  This includes a phone number to call as you arrive and details of a designated drop-off area.
  2. If someone is driving you to your appointment, the driver must remain in their vehicle and not enter the facility.  After dropping you off, they must immediately depart the facility to return directly to New South Wales or drive directly to a nominated quarantine hotel. After your appointment, a member of our team will contact your driver who can then return to the facility to collect you at a nominated time.
  3. You are expected to wear a mask from the time you exit your vehicle.
  4. A member of our staff will ensure that your mask is correctly fitted and you have sanitised your hands before being taken to an isolated room for your appointment.
  5. You (and your child or carer, if relevant) must stay within this room and you will not be able to visit any other areas in the hospital.
  6. When your appointment is over, you will be taken back to the screening desk to exit the hospital. You must travel directly to New South Wales, after the appointment, without any stops in Queensland.

I'm experiencing financial hardship, what support is available?

New South Wales families may be eligible for support through the NSW Government’s Isolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme (IPTAAS). For advice about this scheme, or to discuss your and or your families circumstances, contact IPTAAS on 1800 478 227 or email To lodge a claim or register an application, visit the New South Wales Government website.

Can I access onsite food and beverage facilities?

Please bring food, drinks and snacks with you.  You cannot access onsite food and beverage facilities.

A nurse will provide you with water and direct you (and your support person, if relevant) to toilet facilities if required. If you or your support person start to feel unwell while in hospital, please notify a staff member immediately.

For more information, visit the quarantine page on the Queensland Health website.

Last updated 07 Sep 2020